Wednesday, 3 May 2017


To clarify to everyone around the world:

(1) I have total respect for the 日本空手協会 (JKA - JAPAN KARATE ASSOCIATION); furthermore the JKA Sohonbu Instructors.

(2)  My objectives in Karate-Do are twofold: firstly, to improve my waza, and kokoro, via daily training; and secondly, to optimally instruct others--so they can achieve a high level in Budo Karate.

(3)  I will continue to give seminars within and outside of Japan; furthermore, I will continue to accept Japanese and non-Japanese renshusei: as I have done for many years. These are my personal Karate-Do activities and have no relationship to any organization.

(4) These private activities have never been claimed as being 'JKA'/ '協会' but, rather, 'Andre Bertel' trainings/coaching events.

(5) Irrespective of any outcomes, I offer my deepest respect to all karateka in JKA Japan (instructors and members), JKA karateka around the world and, indeed, all Budo Karate groups and styles.

押忍!アンドレ。バーテル (Andre Bertel)
May 2nd, 2017. - Oita City, Japan.

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