Sunday 24 June 2007


We've been back in Japan for three months today, so kampai (cheers/salute) everyone!

June has been a month of important dates. We had our six month Wedding Anniversary (yes, aren't my knuckles pretty) on the 3rd, Asai Sensei's birthday (memorial training) was on the 7th, Mizuho turned 31 on the 12th, and of course being here for exactly three months today (the 26th). Please note: I started writing this on Sunday, due to my busy schedule, hence the incorrect log date.

For all you kiwi's in winter, here's todays weather, not rubbing it in! Yes a lovely 31℃. My advice is that you train harder to keep warm and avoid that winter layer! Currently my warm up is virtually non-existant, however I'm dripping with sweat before it ends. (PS - you poor buggers).




''Fetch your bottle with your hiki-te, open it with shuto, and raise it with jodan age uke!''

© André Bertel, Japan 2007

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