Monday 30 July 2007

Relaxing weekend in Yufuin

Over the weekend we had a friend stay with us, from Chiba, so we naturally enjoyed showing her the sites, here in beautiful Kyushu. One area I highly recommend, and where we took her this time, is Yufuin, and in particular, the Yufuin Brewery. After a refreshing time at the local onsen, you just can't go wrong having a couple of cool drinks (yes, I am sorry to everyone who religiously follows Funakoshi Sensei's 'Karate-do My Way of Life'). As many people know, I don't drink beer, however, every time we visit Yufuin with friends, the brewery is a must. Great food and wonderful atmosphere.

For those like me, who are non-beer drinkers, you can always enjoy some of the local shochu or sake!

I managed to complete my morning training today, but really felt my muscles burning. Lactic acid? Shochu in the veins? Not sure? Regardless I am assuming that the shochu was pretty good! Fortunately I'm no longer capable of drinking enough, to get one of those nasty hangovers.

Best wishes, Andre

© André Bertel, Japan 2007

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