Saturday 22 September 2007

Jikan ga tobuyoni sugiru...

'Jikan ga tobuyoni sugiru' literally translates into English as 'time goes so fast'. Amazingly, this coming Wednesday, September 26th, we have already been living in Japan for six months! Finally, here is my current training regime as promised (I was unable to change my routine any sooner, as I uncovered several faults I was compelled to address, before moving on):

This month I'm having a break from my typical static work and focusing exclusively on ido-kihon. My routine is as follows: (1) Oi zuki or sanbon zuki; (2) Mae geri kara chudan oi zuki; (3) Dentotekina mawashi geri; (4) Ushiro geri; (5) Yoko keage ashi o kaete yoko kekomi; (6) Gedan barai kara chudan gyaku zuki; (7) Jodan age uke kara chudan gyaku zuki; (8) Chudan soto uke kara chudan gyaku zuki; (9) Chudan uchi uke kara chudan gyaku zuki; and (10) Chudan shuto uke. SELF-CHECK POINTS: Wind ups for all uke-waza and uchi-waza; hiki-te and tight elbows in punches; and hiki-ashi/large scale chambering in keriwaza; Also the two major variations of chudan shuto uke (experimentation). REPETITIONS: With the exception of shuto uke/kokutsu dachi (which I am spending ample time on), my repetitions of techniques in ido-kihon are relatively low this month. I'm typically doing 8-10 repetitions with each technique as a warm up (self-check with the 'big eye' magnifying glass) then blasting out approximately around the same number with snap.

My current focus includes Sochin, Nijushiho, Jion and the Joko series. I am utilizing Sochin and Jion to develop 'insertion of power' and smooth transitions. Nijushiho, I'm using for kumite training (oyo/application work). And I am using the Joko series to enhance my junansei (softness) in general.

In addition to Nijushiho kumite no bunkai, my aim is to 'hopefully' apply the principles I am working on in my kihon and kata. Perhaps this is commonsense, however all too often my physical training (kihon, kata and kumite) does not co-ordinate in the way I plan. So this is a target in my next few weeks of kumite training.

Keizoku wa chikara nari!
OSU, Andre

© André Bertel, Japan 2007

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