Sunday 4 November 2007

New articles and pictures are on the way. I'm also contemplating a video section for members only. There is no cost to be a member, nor any political concerns. Friends and foes (lol) are all free to join. Nowadays I have no bad feelings towards anyone in the karate world or elsewhere, therefore all are welcome. I have come to a point in my life where I've forgiven everyone in my past, regardless of their feelings, and actions towards me. It goes without saying that "true forgiveness is freedom".
For those wishing to have membership please email me at Please title the email: "MEMBERSHIP" and put your name, and location (township/city & country).
For those who have already contacted me in this regard, I'm very sorry, but please do so again, if you want to join. I've had trouble keeping up with all the emails! Kindest regards to everyone.
© André Bertel, Japan 2007

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