Thursday 27 December 2007

My current self-training schedule

Here is my current self-training routine as of Christmas day. I've just overcome a minor back strain (which comes from a very old injury I sustained), so I'm now returning to regular training after a week of reduced intensity.

So here we go...

My stationary work is typically 40-100 repetitions with each hand or foot. My ido-kihon training at present usually consists of 10-20 repetitions of renzokuwaza. For all techniques I do at least 10 repetitions in super slow motion (as a specific warm up and thorough self-check).

Sonoba kihon
Chudan choku zuki (kiba dachi); 2. Migi gyaku zuki; 3. Hidari gyaku zuki; 4. Migi mae geri; and 5. Hidari mae geri. Note:
Gyaku zuki from tateshuto kamae; & Mae geri from ryo sokumen gedan barai no kamae.

Ido Kihon
1. Tobi konde sanbon ren zuki; 2. Chudan mae geri kara sanbon ren zuki; 3. Mawashi geri kara chudan gyaku zuki; 4. Chudan ushiro geri kara uraken yokomawshi uchi sara ni chudan gyaku zuki; 5. Yoko keage kara yoko kekomi; 6. Jodan age uke kara mae geri sara ni chudan gyaku zuki; 7. Chudan soto ude uke kara yori ashi yoko empi uchi (kiba dachi), uraken yokomawashi uchi sara ni chudan gyaku zuki; 8. Chudan uchi ude uke kara kizami zuki, chudan gyaku zuki sara ni yori ashi jodan kizami zuki 9. Chudan shuto uke (kokutsu dachi) kara mae geri sara ni nukite; and 10. Jodan soto ude uke kara yoko yori ashi gedan barai, mae ashi mae geri sara ni chudan gyaku zuki.
Note: All techniques in zenkutsu dachi unless otherwise stated. All keriwaza from jiyu kumite no kamae. Other techniques from gedan barai.


This month I’m focusing on the following kata: Kankudai – slow motion practice ('extreme' technical work); Jion (koshi no kaiten and huri-waza); Gojushihodai; Shoteidai; & Kakuyoku-sandan (for these three, precise performance, and stre
et practical oyo-jutsu). I usually include a Tekki or a Kibaken, but this month I’m having a rest from these kata, performance-wise. However, I’m applying their ‘application principles’ to the kata, I am currently working on. My kumite training at present is a return to combative evasion, to apply Asai Sensei’s muchiken-waza. Once completed, I’ll present (or perhaps publish in a magazine) an article on this topic, as it was amongst the top priorities of Sensei’s karate. It will include some regular quotes from Asai Sensei on this subject; and hopefully help people, to better understand, his approach to actual kumite-keiko.

I expect to continue this training regime until the third week of January (as long as all my training targets are met). All going well, I'll update you with my new schedule, just after that time.

2008 promises to bring many informative new articles on Asai-ryuha, and traditional Shotokan, so stay tuned! Regardless of where you are from, and who you are, I wish you a happy, safe, and healthy 2008. Happy New Year and God Bless.

OSU! André Bertel
Kyushu, Japan

© André Bertel, Japan 2007

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