Sunday 14 September 2008

Paul Kallender's Blog - A must read!

Paul Kallender-Umezu recently launched a blog about his training and experiences at the KWF Sohonbu dojo. It goes without saying that this blog is and will continue to be fantastic, as it is ‘training focused’ and written by an experienced journalist. Paul's intelligence, great sense of humour and hard training can only result in great articles! When I saw Paul for the first time he was training hard out standing in a pool of sweat. After having a chat with him in the changing room I clearly remember thinking “what a cool guy!” Since that time we have kept in touch and I’ve always enjoyed corresponding with him.

Paul kindly put a link to my blog, which again I really appreciate. I don’t have a links bar, however, I'd like to highly recommend Paul’s blog here. If you are interested in authentic karate his blog is a ‘must-read’!

What makes it a 'must read' is that it is highly unique... You can get a taste of a karateka's journey at 'the source'. I'm positive that his blog will really encourage more people to join the Karatenomichi World Federation, as it will give them a taste of real karate. Click here to check it out! Better still, bookmark it as a favourite!

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