Thursday 1 January 2009

New Years Resolution

On January 1st (this day last year), I stated “My karate has no past, no nothing. I BEGIN KARATE FROM TODAY. My New Year’s resolution is to keep on this straight and narrow path.” (

My 2009 New Year’s resolution remains exactly the same, because 2008 was literally my most technically productive year ever. My focus is simple, to keep concentrating on ‘physical karate training’, which is the kokoro (heart) of this blog.

The only other concern I have, is practicing karate primarily as a traditional martial art, as opposed to a performance sport. Whilst there is nothing wrong with karate tournaments, the way the major events are being conducted now is in no way related to the ‘martial art of karate’. It is therefore my hope that this blog might be a source of information, for those seeking bujutsu karate, as opposed to the watered down version of the art. This is the essence of Asai Sensei's karate, and has steered me in the direction I'm now travelleing. Others who also follow this karate 'way' have my deepest respect.

“My karate is bujutsu. Only bujutsu karate is real karate.”Asai Tetsuhiko.

All the best for your training in 2008.


André Bertel

© André Bertel, Japan 2009

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