Tuesday 9 February 2010

Karate practice in Miyazaki

I'd like to take this chance to thank Kennichi Fukamizu Shihan for hosting me in Takanabe-shi, Miyazaki. Also for inviting me to attend an interesting practice/lecture from Masaru Miura Shihan (9th Dan SKIF - Shotokan Karatedo International Federation).

I caught up with Fukamizu Shihan through his personal student, and my good friend Morgan Dilks. He runs his own non-political organisation called USKU (Universal Shotokan Karate Union) and is also the head of the JKF (Japan Karatedo Federation) in Miyazaki.

On Saturday night after teaching at a few of his dojo, Fukamizu Shihan took me out for a nice evening of eating and drinking at his friends Izakiya in Takanabe-shi. We talked a lot about our memories in the Matsuno/Asai JKA. It was a wonderful time.

The next day I accompanied him to the airport to pick up Miura Shihan. The three of us had lunch together, then finally conducted the seminar/lecture, which was largely based on techniques without muscle power. Miura Shihan used me to demonstrate Asai karate (as he was Sensei's junior at Takushoku University). This clearly astounded/shocked all of the participants.

I'd like to again thank Fukamizu Shihan for his kind hospitality. I had a really pleasant time, and enjoyed hanging out with him and Miura Shihan.

© André Bertel, Japan (2010).

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