Saturday 31 July 2010

Some more footage on Youtube

In this video I am self-training in Japan, however it features nothing particularly impressive, just regular practice, hence I wasn't going to make it public. I actually uploaded it last year, along with many other films, kindly given to me from senior JKS (Japan Karate Shotorenmei) instructors, who sometimes asked to film my self-practice sessions. All of these shihan who supported me, were long time senior students of Asai Sensei, and wanted me to privately coach at their respective karate clubs thanks to Sensei's recommendation. Needless to say, that was and is a huge honor for a foreign instructor!
Anyway, I've decided to make some of these videos public as the scenery is very nice, and waza is reflective of socho-geiko with my late karate teacher Tetsuhiko Asai. For example most relevant in this clip, is the choku-zuki, which is 100% Asai Sensei's version. So if you wish to study Asai-ha Shotokan-ryu, this footage alone is probably quite useful for you. In addition to this, the clips of the kata featured have been labelled in both English and kanji.


If nothing else I hope you enjoy watching the video and that it perhaps gives you some ideas for your own training. Osu!

© André Bertel, New Zealand 2010.

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