Friday 1 April 2011


Karate is practice, training, one's skill and heart... Not dan, titles, qualifications and especially not organisation. In saying that I've re-posted this article as my original post, which was very blunt, has hurt some people's feelings and pride. I'd like to restate here, that my opinions are certainly not gospel, just my opinions and I'm sorry if some people feel offended by them. This appology was not requested by anyone, but rather from my own wish to make anyone who has been offended to feel better. This blog is about my own personal karate training and views, and if that is upsetting, perhaps it is a site which you should avoid. Regardless, I will do my best from now on to avoid causing any offense to all visitors.


FOCUS ON TRAINING FIRST and fore mostly, and everything else will fall into place. Here are some photos of me self-training in Kakaji Japan (Bungo Takada, Oita-ken) - because as I said at the start of this post "training is what counts". These are courtesy of my lovely wife Mizuho. My best regards to you all.

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