Monday 13 June 2011

Asai Sensei & student Andre Bertel: Introductory ducking (Drills 1 & 2)

Everyone knows that one of Tetsuhiko Asai Sensei's trademark skills was his uncanny ability to "go in" ducking under his opponents attacks and deliver an unpredictable retaliation. This video features the first two basic/introductory IJKA Asai-ha Shotokan-ryu ducking drills. These practice: (1) Ducking under jodan gyaku-zuki (upper level reverse punch); and (2) Ducking under jodan huri-uchi (upper level swinging strikes).

In this footage I am assisting Asai Sensei at the 2003 Technical Seminars in Christchurch, New Zealand. Rather than harp on and write a technical article describing the main points, I'll let Sensei explain them to you himself, via this video clip. OSU, André.

© André Bertel. Christchurch, New Zealand (2011).

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