Sunday 23 October 2011

Typical kihon-geiko

There are literally numerous ways to approach kihon-geiko (fundamental training) in karatedo, however here is a basic outline of what I use (based on the numerous times I lived and trained in Japan through during my teens, 20's, and 30's). Rather than just giving some lists, I've also included some "typical repetitions" in the average class. There is nothing special here, just the norm, but as we all know "karate circulates"... So perhaps there is something here that might make you think "hey, I haven't done that in a while". If so, that's great! Anyway, well away from the norm, tonight the New Zealand All-Blacks play in the Rugby World Cup final, so after a hard karate training it will be an exciting evening (and "special age-uke" practice). Take care and train hard! OSU


Perform each technique in 10 times slowly then 30-50 times with maximum snap whilst maintaining precise form. Please note: Although not included, it is customary to also practice other techniques here (i.e. - the various attacks with uraken, kentsui, shuto, empi/hiji, haito, yama-zuki, ushiromawashi-geri etc.). However, the following kihonwaza are most typical.

1. Chudan choku-zuki
2. Jodan choku-zuki
3. Sanbon-zuki
4. Chudan oi-zuki
5. Jodan age-uke
6. Chudan soto-uke
7. Chudan uchi-uke
8. Gedan-barai
9. Chudan-shuto-uke
10. Mae-geri
11. Yoko-keage
12. Yoko-kekomi
13. Mawashi-geri
14. Ushiro-geri

15. Migi gyaku-zuki
16. Hidari gyaku-zuki
17. Hidari kizami-zuki kara migi chudan gyaku-zuki
18. Migi kizami-zuki kara hidari chudan gyaku-zuki
19. Migi mae-geri
20. Hidari mae-geri

Each technique should be executed at least four times in both directions slowly then repeated at full pace (at least the same amount of times). Again, without maintenance of exact form, training is counterproductive. Once more, please note that the following set is based on my current practice, naturally this changes; nevertheless, the formula is very standard i.e. - ren zuki, the basic ukewaza followed by hangeki, and keriwaza or ren geri.

1. Sanbon-zuki
2. Jodan age-uke kara chudan gyaku-zuki
3. Chudan soto-uke kara yoko empi-uchi, uraken soshite chudan gyaku-zuki
4. Chudan uchi-uke kara kizami-zuki soshite gyaku-zuki
5. Tenshin gyaku-zuki: Kaiten shinagara gedan-barai kara chudan gyaku-zuki
6. Chudan shuto-uke kara mae-ashi mae-geri soshite shihon nukite
7. Chudan mae-ashi mae-geri kara jodan mae-geri
8. Chudan mae-ashi mawashi-geri kara jodan mawashi-geri
9. Ushiro-geri kara uraken soshite chudan gyaku-zuki
10. Yoko-keage ashi o kaete yoko-kekomi
© André Bertel (2011). Christchurch, New Zealand.

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