Sunday 13 January 2013


I get so many emails asking about karate dogi (uniforms) and obi (belts); in particular, wanting to know what are the best brands and how to get “a perfect fit”. In this post, I will answer this once and for all with the best advice you will find on the net.
      1.0  THE BEST KARTEDO-GI: If you have been reading my site for a few years or gone   
      through it, you will find one brand that keeps appearing: HIROTA. Moreover, that my personal  
      favourite karate uniform is the `Kata Pinack’. I believe this is the best karatedo-gi in the world
      at present. Click here:

1.1 THE BEST KARATEDO-OBI: Again, HIROTA also has the very best belts. And their very best in my opinion is the `303’ (Special Black Cotton Yohachi). Click here:

1.3 TO ENSURE YOU GET THE PERFECT FIT: Use “the experts”! KUROBIYA is the best and Hamid Abbassalty will guarantee that you get what you want! This is because, besides knowing more about karatedo-gi and obi than any other person on the planet, he is a guru of listening to his customers, and getting them the best. Furthermore, his prices are excellent and service is highly efficient. I personally wouldn’t dream of not going through Hamid (as risk taking is foolish when it comes to purchasing your uniforms and belts). You can go to the the Kuroobiya website by clicking here:

For now on, for those who send me emails about karatedo-gi and obi I will not answer extensively but rather send a link to this article. In conclusion, and to recapitulate, my recommendation is the `Pinack Kata’ and to order through the experts ‘Kuroobiya’; overall, this is because irrespective of the quality (of dogi and obi you buy), it will not be satisfactory if the fit isn’t “perfect for you”. Kindest regards and all the best, André.

© André Bertel. Christchurch, New Zealand (2013).

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