Wednesday 1 October 2014

Hirota's Latest Karate Uniform: The `TAKUMI'

A while back I bought the `Takumi’ (Craftsman), which is the latest dogi (karate uniform) from Hirota. I can honestly say that it is the best dogi I have ever worn in my karate career—actually the best by far! Until now, their `Pinak kata’ was, in my opinion, the best karate suit on the market.

Probably the most accurate way to explain the Takumi is that it’s half-way between the `Pinak Kata’ and ‘Pinak Kumite’. It has paper thin material which moves with the body yet it is firm. This means it gets the best of both types of Pinak… Not to mention, it dries rapidly.

Comfort and how a dogi hangs/”sits” on the body are probably the most important points when it comes to karate uniforms, and the Takumi is unparalleled in both of these aspects. Accordingly, I rate this new suit 11/10… `11’ because I can’t see Hirota, or any other companies, ever outdoing it. Of course, I’d like to see them prove me wrong, but I really can’t see this happening. Essentially, this dogi is certain to become “the standard” for all experts (and world level competitors alike).

With all these points in mind, make sure you get the perfect size for you!!! And, as always, I strongly recommend going through Kuroobiya to ensure this: because they are the best in Japan at achieving an optimally fitting dogi. Hamid and his team at Kuroobiya will ensure you get the right size (which is critical, as the Takumi is a fully tailored uniform and thus requires real specifics to get it right).
Hirota's measurement chart... Looks easy, but requires a thorough knowledge of the product: in relation to your own
specific wants and needs.
Here is a link to the Kuroobiya homepage—it is a one of the few karate websites I have bookmarked:
 Taken as a whole, I can’t overemphasise the excellence of Hirota’s Takumi: this new dogi has lifted the bar to an unprecedented height.
© André Bertel. Aso-shi, Kumamoto. Japan (2014).

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