Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Tekki Shodan in the Shitei-gata eliminations

Over the weekend the 34th JKA (Japan Karate Association) Kumamoto Prefecture Championships were held in Tamana-Shi.
Result: YUSHO!!! – Men’s Individual Kata Champion
Actually, the Shototakuhiro Dojo (JKA Kumamoto Chuo Shibu) won a total of nine medals at the prefecture championships: Five gold, two silver, and two bronze. Of course, the real thrill is to see these youngsters and their talent. Here is a list of the club members who won titles and/or placed:
·         Kento Hiyoshi – Elementary School 4th Grade Boys Individual Kata – Champion
·         Shiki Uchida – Junior High School 1st Grade Boys Individual Kata – Champion
·         Hyuga Takamori – Junior High School 2nd Grade Boys Individual Kata – Champion
·         Aiko Omori – Elementary School 5th Grade Girls Individual Kata – Champion and 3rd Place Individual Kumite
·         Saki Hirai – Elementary School 5th Grade Girls Individual Kata – 2nd Place and 2nd Place Individual Kumite
·         Takafumi Morooka – Men’s Individual Kata – 3rd Place
·         André Bertel – Men’s Individual Kata – Champion
Heian yondan in the shitei-gata eliminations

I’d especially like to offer my thanks to Nakamura Masamitsu Shihan and Akiyoshi Sensei, and also to my training partner, Morooka Takafumi San. Domo arigato gozaimashita. Osu, André

© André Bertel. Aso-shi, Kumamoto. Japan (2015).

Gojushiho Dai in the final
Gojushiho Dai Kata - Kentsui hasami uchi
It is very hard to win in Japan, especially for foreigners. A gaikokujin winning at prefectural level here is unprecedented.
Unfortunately Morooka San was given shikaku (total disqualification). His opponent was sent to the hospital.
The Shototakuhiro Dojo (JKA Kumamoto Chuo) Team.

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