Monday 25 May 2015

Ryu Goto: World famous violinist and superb Budo Karateka

Ryu Goto is at the very top of the world as a violinist and as a musician in general. His skill level is nothing less than utterly phenomenal—in the greatest sense of the word: literally, the terms
 `perfection’ and `mind-blowing' immediately come to mind. However, Goto Ryu not only possesses extreme talent as a classical musician… He is also an awesome traditional budo karateka with two decades of rigorous JKA (Japan Karate Association) training under his belt.
 Training in Kumamoto: The practice was around three hours long and I focused on the base of my late teacher’s karate. Essentially, `the maintenance, breaking and recovery of shisei (neck, back and pelvic posture)’; correct self-defence application of muchiken-waza (whip-fist techniques); the coordination of ‘koshi no kaiten’ (rotation of the hips—horizontal power); and ,‘tai no shinshuku’ (the contraction and expansion of the body—vertical power).

Goto Ryu, superb form at speed. A superb budo karateka
 In addition to kihon-waza, small sequences from kata such a Bassai Dai and Enpi were used, also a ‘non-syllabus kata’ to recapitulate the foundational aspects that we covered; furthermore, Sochin was used a means to warm up (and prepare the body for key exercises).  Overall, no time was wasted. The training only focused on critical points to maximise the development of techniques/exercises leading to ichigeki-hissatsu.
`Recovery' practice

 Ryu San's high level of karate skill and ability absorbed everything with rapid speed. To be frank
I was pretty astonished. Moreover, his karate spirit, humility, and great personality deeply impressed me. On the whole, it was reflective of the long correspondence we have had—I sensed a very good soul. Ryu, irrespective of what you do in the future, you are always welcome at my dojo and my home. We really look forward to seeing you again soon. Osu, your friend, André.  
© André Bertel. Aso-shi, Kumamoto, Japan (2015).

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