Wednesday 23 December 2015

Overview of 2015

2015 is now quickly coming to an end. Like all years, my karate schedule has been very busy: especially here in Japan. Outside of Nippon, I also travelled twice and gave two international seminars, the first in my home-country New Zealand; and the second, in Germany (which amazingly sold out with only three weeks notice!!!). Competition-wise, I won the Men's Individual Kata at the 34th JKA Kumamoto Prefecture Karate-Do Championships. On the training front I enjoyed attending several excellent seminars and had several renshusei (trainees) from overseas visit my dojo: in this regard please my visit my 'Renshusei' page (which is, and will continue to be, regularly updated when new trainees are accepted and complete their training): For those wishing to come to Japan for training in 2016, please email me at: I recommend weekends and applying  to be a renshusei at least two months in advance. I could go on about 2015, but rather than do that, I have provided direct links for this years articles with titles/descriptions to aid your navigation. Seasons greetings from Oita City, Japan. Osu, André

 1. New Zealand Seminar Video: January 2015:

4. The criticality of jiyu kumite in relation to kihon, kata, and the truth of one's skill:

6. March training regime: 'Marching' towards the JKA Kumamoto Prefecture Championships:

Jodan mawashi-geri
10. Christchurch Seido Karate Club: 50 Year Anniversary:

11. Key terminology for the traditional kumite match:
After an excellent training with Nakamura Masamitsu Shihan.

In 34 years, since its beginnings, a non Japanese has never won at the Kumamoto Prefecture Championships. That changed this year.
12. The 34th JKA Kumamoto Prefecture Championships:
Team photo - post prefectural championship. Credit to Nakamura Sensei, a junior at Taku Dai of my late teacher Asai Tetsuhiko Sensei.
 13. Not representing Kumamoto-Prefecture at the JKA All Championships:
14. Trainees from Germany: Peter Lampe, Frank Kölher and Rainer Schöne:
17. Ryu Goto - World famous violinist and superb Budo Karateka:

19. Trainees from Australia's Sunshine Coast: Noel and Heidi Moralde:
21. 8th Anniversary of `André Bertel’s Karate-Do’:

Sudden course in Germany - sold out in three weeks!!! Looking forward to Ahrensburg, Blackpool and Venice in 2016!!!

23. Andre Bertel Traditional Karate Seminar - Germany 2015 (Part 2):
24. 2015 Seminar in Germany (Part 3) - Notes from Andrea Haeusler Sensei:
25. Final training the JKA Kumamoto Chuo Dojo - Shototakuhirokan:
26. Seido Karate Christchurch (New Zealand) - 50th Anniversary:
27. Back to the Fundamentals - A restart with relocation:
Every day I am a beginner restarting Karate-Do. Yesterday, I was weaker than today, and tomorrow I'll be stronger with perseverance. The never-completed journey of Karate-Do.
 32. Trainees from Paris, France:
33. Formal Announcement of 2016 Technical Seminars in Germany, England and Italy:

34. Kumamoto Training (Visiting Nakamura Shihan and conducting a special training):

35. List of Foreign-renshusei at my dojo (updated to conclude 2016):

© André Bertel. Oita, Japan (2015).

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