Wednesday 26 December 2018

Wrapping up 2018 and some RECOVERY ADVICE

浪手 (Roshu Kata).
The conclusion of my training this year came the earliest ever, December 24th, as I needed to have surgery (pre-planned and unrelated to my karate training) on the 25th. This also means I will return to the dojo relatively late in the New Year (January 8th, 2019), which is also a first for me in over 25 years. The surgery was successfully completed yesterday, so now I just need to stay in the hospital, for approximately four more days. After that, I've been told that I'll be fully recovered in two weeks. 
鶴翼初段 (Kakuyoku Shodan Kata).
As planned, a long time ago, this time in hospital and recovery will give me a valuable opportunity to reflect; and indeed, do some planning, research and writing in preparation for the New Year  and beyond. In case you are wondering about my fitness, especially, the impact of a couple of weeks 'off training!!!' Well, after nearly 38 years of karate training, I am very experienced with injuries and recovery (although this will be the longest break so far). Right up to the day before surgery I have supplemented my daily karate training and conditioning work with an additional cardio fitness routine. As a result, my resting pulse/heart rate on the day of the operation was 40 BPM (Beats per minute), which according to the doctors is up there with well trained endurance athletes in their prime. Certainly, I'm not old, but I'm still in my 40s. Quick advice here, for recovery irrespective of age, and not just talk... "Always create a buffer: fitness, flexibility, explosive power and agility". The average persons pulse is between 60-70 beats per minute. Check yours, and aim to get fitter. Why not make that a goal in the New Year? Always aim to be the best you can be!! 

My blood pressure and pulse as a result of surgery preparation. Slightly better than usual due to the 'extra training'.

Happy New Year to everyone. I really hope this blog has provided something of use for your personal Karate Journey this year. Stay tuned for 2019. It is going to be a very exciting year. Osu, Andre.
© Andre Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2018)

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