Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Trainee from Murnau, Germany: Punito Aisenpreis

Punito Aisenpreis (Yondan) came for five days of private training in April. I was greatly impressed to see that he has improved his core karate greatly.

A harmonious mix of Kihon, Kata and Kumite was covered including Kakuyoku Nidan and Rakuyo; the new IKS Dan Examination Kihon; and a generic coverage of proper Budo Kumite Training via the various forms of kumite.

Overall, I feel that Punito's improvements reflect his serious training and study; furthermore, as a professional therapist and trainer he maximizes his own karate practice in a holistic manner. Clearly, this makes him not only an excellent karateka, but also as a valuable instructor/mentor for others. Needless to say, this also goes beyond Karate-Do. In these regards, I would like to congratulate Punito on his improvements.

Lastly, rather than precisely detail about what was covered over those five days (this is for Punito), here are a few images.

Osu, Andre

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