Saturday 22 June 2019


I've been alerted by a few hundred people, over the last few days, that this blog just had its 12th Anniversary. Thank you all very much for this support.
POST ONE -- JUNE 19th, 2007

While this website/blog will never be so big - as it is not a part of mainstream commercial karate - it's still had a couple of people follow it.

Consequently, I'm really happy that so many practitioners, from all around the world, are training and primarily seeking karate as an effective and serious martial art of self-defense. 

Most appropriately, my next seminar outside of Japan will be IKS-1. This seminar will begin a group of trainings around the world that will share knowledge never taught outside the most elite Shotokan dojo (plural) here in Japan before.


This will be INTERNATIONAL KARATE SHOTOKAN's ( 国 際 空 手 道 松 濤 館 ) first international Gasshuku outside Japan. It will be hosted in Halle, Westphalia Germany, in September of this year. This event, will be very valuable for those who attend and will begin the opening of a new phase of Budo Karate knowledge distribution from my late teacher. 

More information will come soon!!!

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