Sunday 14 July 2019

Ido Kihon elucidating blind faith

Over the last few days I have been extensively working on IDO KIHON in addition to kumite and karate training. The one thing that I aim for in my foundational training is optimal efficiency and effectiveness of every action. I call it `organic movement for maximum effect`, but this would require a long article so I`ll leave that here.

To be honest, I am not interested in the latest trends for competition nor what organizations (or famous instructors) teach as budo gospel. I`m only interested in optimizing my martial arts ability/effectiveness.

This brings me to a major psychological weakness in Shotokan, and one which I have long eradicated from my own karate training; that is, BLIND FAITH. Proof... my karate and, far more wonderfully, my senior students around the world

Obviously, this advice is not for beginners, it is for seasoned black belts -- as you need a strong base of physical knowledge first; nevertheless, from my experience, BLIND FAITH is unfortunately as high as ever, even amongst senior instructors... Even in our so-called information age.

SOLUTION.... Listen and learn, practice and TEST... Test in kumite, test is self-defence/street defense training, test against the bag, makiwara etc... Then, test alternative methods of doing the same thing. Test for yourself!!! Find the best one for you!!! Make karate your own. If you don`t, you will never maximize your unique potential. 

This begins with Kihon and, in my case, it is Ido Kihon at present. I will leave you with some images from my last few days of Ido Kihon training. Osu, AB.

© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2019).

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