Monday 6 January 2020


Based on numerous emails recieved I thought that today I'd post about the International Karate Shotokan (IKS) 'RENSHUSEI PROGRAM', which I conduct here in Oita City, Japan.


The training is not aimed to exhaust participants, as this would hinder the main point: LEARNING and SKILL/TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT. The objective of the training is budo/bujutsu karate education, which will not only raise the skill of the karateka immediately, but in the long term. Furthermore, to transmit this knowledge to other regions of Japan and, indeed, around the world. 

However, it is not physically easy either... The Renshusei program is specialized for each individual BASED ON THEIR PERSONAL GOALS (and directed by their physical condition and skill level). 
Go through the gate...
For the above mentioned reasons, attending training as a Renshusei is now extremely popular; however, there is a bigger reason....RESULTS!

No one comes as a Renshusei here and leaves with minimal improvements. They greatly improve and these improvements snowball after they return home.


In all cases, to ensure a place as a Renshusei, it is highly recommended to book at least three months in advance. 


Lastly, as we cannot sponsor visa's for foreign nationals - this is the responsibility of all visitors to Japan.


To begin the new decade, as of January 1st, 2020, IKS Renshusei Diplomas can be accessed on the completion of training.

To apply to be a Renshusei you can email here: 

Osu, André

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