Sunday 5 July 2020


Today I trained really hard. This is something that I do not do all the time, but of course, is sometimes necessary.

The practice was fully devoted to kata training, starting with Heian Shodan over and over again. Really tough but wonderful practice!!! Following this I worked on Sochin and Nijushiho. At present Sochin is high on my agenda as it coincides with my training objectives for advancement. Also, based on personal advice from Osaka Yoshiharu Sensei, who I thank very much for his input into my development.
To conclude, I went through the Joko Kata... Which IKS is the only karate organization in the world with the original versions of these formal exercises (developed by Asai Tetsuhiko Sensei).
The versions I learned were actually, outside of the group trainings, very different; moreover, make them relevant to overall training and, particularly outstanding. I have yet to teach these versions to anyone. So this is yet another job I must do to avoid them being lost.

Looking at Joko kata (taught and practiced in the mainstream), they are merely just big blocks of kihon; hence, their unpopularity. When people learn the real versions, I believe that they will be inspired! Also, as a side package, they will learn the origin of Yahara Mikio Sensei's karate.

 © André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2020).

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