Wednesday 13 January 2021

寒稽古 (KANGEIKO) – Part 2: Video


Here is a brief YOUTUBE VIDEO of my KANGEIKO I uploaded today. It is not about nice technique, it’s all about ‘trying to overcome the cold’ and ‘relax’ while doing hundreds of repetitions: both kihon-waza and calisthenics.

 The scenery is not special, just a local jinja (shrine) near my home. Unlike when I was living in other parts of Japan, when I trained in the snow, there has only been light snow fall here in central Oita City. That being said, in my mid-40s, while I’m by no means old, it is still tough enough.


If you saw the recent video of my training at the waterfall, Ameushi no taki, that session was VERY TOUGH as rocks were sharp, not level, and extremely slippery. Furthermore, my dogi was saturated by freezing cold water.


While the temperature is colder now than the end of December, the Akeuchi no taki training wins the prize (so far): as my toughest kangeiko session this season. So… I might just have to visit another waterfall somewhere else here in the Prefecture.


Please, if you have a moment, like—share—and comment on the video! I really appreciate these actions and it quite literally motivates me to post more! POSITIVE ENERGY and a BIG “OSU” from Oita City, Japan.




© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2021).

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