Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Today's training


While I wont specifically detail my dojo training today, this session was just under two hours in duration. It wasn't a hard session but, more so, technically challenging for me. Best wishes from Oita City, Japan. - AB.

基本 (KIHON)

1. 中段直突 (Chudan choku zuki). Emphasis on 'gyaku koshi kaiten'.

2. 中段前蹴蹴上 (Chudan mae geri keage).

3. 上段追突 (Jodan oi zuki).

4. 三本突 (Sanbon zuki). All three tsuki 'jodan' targeting the jinchu.

5. 刻回し蹴 (Kizami mawashi geri). Primary focus on driving the hips and ankle snap.

6. 上段揚受 (Jodan age uke);

7. 中段外受 (Chudan soto uke)

8. 上段揚受から中段外受、下段払そして三本突 (Jodan age uke kara chudan soto uke, gedan barai soshite sanbon zuki). Note - again, all three tsuki targeted jodan).


型 (KATA)


B. ニ十四歩 (NIJUSHIHO).

C. 珍手 (CHINTE). 

Today Chinte was the main focus. That being said. I'm still also doing a general review of all of the kata separately. At present the focus is GOJUSHIHO SHO.


 組手 (KUMITE)

I.  基本一本組 (KIHON IPPON KUMITE). One step attack but with multiple waza.

II. 応用組手 (OYO KUMITE). For all kata I am practicing the applications in kumite.

By the way, some big announcements coming soon, once things are fully confirmed...

         © André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2022).

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