Wednesday 1 November 2023

Supplementary sessions

In addition to regular dojo training, I have always recommended (for those wishing to maximize their karate development): supplementary training. This is simply reviewing what has been covered in dojo-keiko. I also use these practices for 'base strength training'.

These sessions require: (a) minimal space; (b) any amount of time (even a few seconds or minutes, here and there, is very beneficial); (c) can be done anywhere you are comfortable to do them. 

Furthermore, these supplementary sessions can be done in any apparel (you don't need to be in your dogi/obi). Training equipment can be used such as weights, heavy bag or makiwara, but it totally depends on your personal aims and situation at the time.

For example, you might be in a suit and necktie and simply want to review a small part of a kata that you constantly get wrong. In your office you can do this part of the kata ten times, here and there through the day. Small practices like this can lead to making your weaknesses your strengths! 

Do such supplementary practice at your own leisure and enjoy the holistic health benefits they provide. Also, watch your karate  really improve!!!

押忍!! — AB


Ura mawashi-geri: Safety style for competition. I don't practice this.

Ura mawashi-geri: REAL -- axe with kakato.

Base strength training.

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