Saturday 20 January 2024

舞鶴大型 (Maizuru Dai Kata)

I dedicated today’s practice to the kata 舞鶴大  (Maizuru Dai) and its oyo/practical applications in jissen-kumite. This kata focuses on sharp ‘karada no buki’ attacking various anatomical weak points; furthermore, doing so with distinct 白鶴拳  (Hakutsuruken/white crane fist) techniques and strategies. Much use is made of 不動立ち (Fudo-dachi) and 三戦立ち (Sanchin-dachi) to execute koryu karate-jutsu waza.


Maizuru is an extremely elegant kata with its biggest technical challenge being all of the sudden and fluid changes in 力の強弱 (Chikara no kyoujaku). That being said, like the other Koten-gata, as technical as it is, it’s also natural and not hard on the body. This means that more explosive power can be produced.


In my own training I utilize kata to enhance my jissen-kumite/goshin-jutsu capacity and, accordingly, this results in the extraction of kihon (single and renzokuwaza) from kata. In IKS, kihon is not only making waza into thin air for ‘form’ practice, but also extensive impact training and partner drills.


Kata therefore, while still being an art form, functions as pragmatic training tool.


舞鶴大 and the even more advanced SHO version, are high-level kata I really enjoy practicing, and, at the same time I find very challenging. Accordingly, like the other koten-gata, it motivates my training and enhances the base ‘standard Shotokan’ kata.


André Bertel

 © André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2024).

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