Wednesday 15 August 2007


On this very day, August 15th, last year, we lost Asai Tetsuhiko Sensei.

As my karate teacher and friend, I miss Tetsuhiko Asai dearly. Today, like many people across the world, I'll complete a special memorial training. I’m still deeply saddened by Asai Sensei’s passing, not just today, but everytime I sit in seiza. Seiza and mokuso, since this day, last year, really have taken a new meaning for me. Sensei had such a deep, and positive influence on my life. Words truly cannot express my gratitude to him, for taking me under his wing as a personal student, and giving me great care. I feel extremely blessed to have crossed paths with Tetsuhiko Asai, through this art we call karate-do. I will always keep Asai Sensei’s memory in my heart, and I'll continue to practice what he taught me, throughout my life.

Here is a miniature gallery, of some of my personal pictures with Sensei. Besides being my karate teacher, Asai Sensei really became like a father figure to me, in my personal life.

More that that, he always talked about his most precious person, his daughter Hoshimi to me. I have a deep feeling of sadness for the Asai family at this time and I wish God's blessing upon them on this first anniversary

Click the following link to see Asai Sensei's Television New Zealand Interview:

Asai Sensei is survived by his daughter Hoshimi and wife Keiko in Tokyo. My thoughts and prayers go especially to them on this day.


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