Thursday 10 January 2008


Sunday will conclude Kangeiko (special 'Winter Training').

All I'll say here, is that for the first time since starting this site, I've completely altered my current self-training schedule (posted here in December: This has been a direct result of my findings during kangeiko, throughout the last week. I'm not a fan of changing my routine (as for me, 'chopping and changing' represents my lack of discipline), however I decided to use these discoveries as a springboard for 2008, as I feel my technique can really benefit. (I'll post this new routine after completing kangeiko, with some technical articles following).
Kangeiko this year has really reinforced that study and practice of my late teacher, Tetsuhiko Asai's karate, is so very precious to me. The wealth of information put in my care can only further my growth. In addition to my own self-development, I'm endeavoring to 'accurately' preserve what Asai Sensei taught me for other karateka interested in Asai-ryu/bujutsu karate. Of course first priority in karate must always be oneself! Otherwise we don't really have karate.
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