Monday 8 June 2009

Interview with Mike Dukas Shihan

I just read a great interview with Mike Dukas Shihan (7th Dan KWF) on the Shotokan Way. The humility and deep knowledge of this master karateka really stood out to me in the article.
In addition to his own obvious skill, he has trained his son, Bryan Dukas, into an awesome karateka. Bryan's kata and kumite are nothing less than fantastic. In the 2008 WKF World Championships, Bryan outclassed Luca Valdesi in the first round, with a far superior Jion, however Valdesi's Jion (arms flapping with no hip drive) "won" as one would expect.

Anyway... Here is a link to Dukas Shihan's interview (, a humble karateka with world-class skills, and knowledge. A hidden gem teaching authentic Shotokan karate-do in South Africa.
© André Bertel, Japan (2009).

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