Friday 5 June 2009

The Karate Specific Physique

Often people ask me “André, what do you do to keep in shape besides shotokan?” It is a nice compliment, but in actuality, I just do karate. From my perspective, getting in shape is merely a byproduct of karate practice. And the reality is I hit hard, very hard, because that is what I train for, and naturally my physique is a reflection of this.

My aim has never been to get bigger muscles, nor to lose weight, but rather, to simply optimize my karate technique (please refer to my 2007 article ‘The Optimum Karate Physique’: Always training myself for ichigeki-hissho makes it impossible not to be serious, and serious training changes your body.

Karate itself is therefore my key to motivation, not the byproducts of keiko. My secret is to never to be satisfied with my technique & impact power. I'm always seeking better form and more devastation with my blows. A karate specific physique from traditional karate training. It's as simple as that!
© André Bertel, Japan (2009).

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