Monday 6 July 2009

Totemo Isogashii

Please excuse my lack of posts as of late, I've been 'very busy', and simply have had no time. In saying that, I have plenty of articles still in the works, videos to upload, and so forth. So please bare with me!

I'd like to take this brief chance to thank all of my readers from around the world. I sincerely hope that my blog continues to assist you, where ever you may be. Over the last couple of years I've received so many wonderful emails from people of every ethnicity. All who mutually love the art of traditional Japanese Karatedo. Such letters always put a big smile on my face. Karate never ceases to amaze me, in regards the development of strong international bonds, regardless of cultural differences.


My kindest regards to you all from Nakatsu City, Oita, Japan.

© André Bertel, Japan (2009).

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