Tuesday 1 September 2009

Updated training regime based on junansei

My current training regime covers a wide variety of kata to re-address my junansei (softness). As I have written before, this is a constant in my karate-do keiko. This is probably because of Asai Sensei's constant ad vocation of junansei, something which I still can learn from (and always will), due to his 'near super-human level' of technical depth; in his own words, "my skill is primarily due to my 'bujutsu specific' softness."

Kihon for junansei - Superior use of power: In addition to the wide array of kata in my current practice I'm giving particular attention to chanelling energy via gyaku zuki, gedan-barai, mae geri, yoko keage, mawashi geri and yoko kekomi. I could have chosen other techniques, however, these are very 'standard' and also provide an enjoyable fulcrum to fully exercise snap (naturally, all kihonwaza do, but I selected these for my regime due to their fundamental obviousness, and sheer preference, via my personal needs at present).

Kumite: My kumite is all about putting the energy-use of my kihon and kata into practice.

Thus far I'm challenged to the maximum, but with continued practice I aim to break through another level of karate strata. There is certainly no room for arrogance in karate if one is honest with themselves... It literally is a never ending challenge!


© André Bertel, Japan (2009).

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