Monday 24 August 2009

Kaminari-arashi kata on Youtube

I've uploaded some clips of Kaminari-arashi from a DVD created around four or five years ago with the assistance of Tony Petronelli Sensei (3rd Dan). It was a part of my seemingly 'never ending' 6th Dan report required by Asai Sensei.

In the DVD I performed the kata both slowly and with regular speed from the front, rear, and side, along with the basic/surface level oyo/bunkai-jutsu.
Here is a link to the clips... If you are keen for me to upload more videos please give the video a rating and make a comment! Of course positive and negative comments are all most welcome. However, keep in my my kata is not for competition/'looking nice', but rather for 'martial arts training'. Beautiful kata to me comprises of effective fighting/self-defence techniques. This follows the way of my late sensei, Asai Tetsuhiko.

My other videos are available here:

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