Wednesday 23 December 2009

Mizuho & me in JAF Magazine

I've back dated this post as I failed to publish it (so please disregard the date of publication). Anyway to make things clear for my English readers I've uploaded this a day after the `Frosty the Snowman' article in 2009 (even though Mizuho & I were interviewed in 2010). For those who can read Japanese, just click on the photos and use the auto-magnifying glass to read the JAF-Japan Auto Federation article. Actually it's a pretty funny interview! In case you don't know, JAFMate is literally read by millions of car owners across Japan, so I can't begin to tell you how many calls I got about being in it!!! More hilarious was when teaching seminars, during the break some people came up and said things like "We saw your karate story in JAF Magazine Andre Sensei. Very good, but next time use chains!"

© André Bertel (backdated to 2009).

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