Sunday 27 December 2009


'Nanakorobi yaoki' literally translates as "stumbling seven times but recovering eight". A necessity in our lives, on all frontiers, including karate-do.

Kangeiko is not easy, especially getting up so early, in the cold, and initially freezing in your dogi. But after the junbi undo (preparatory exercises/warm up) including the traditional run, you feel exhilarated. Then from the hard practice, your body starts to tire and shut down, then you push through it. After training, regardless of how you did, or you felt you did, it is very satisfying. Here's a quick summary of today's session, even though it was pretty much the same as yesterday. Roll on tomorrow! - Osu.

Kihon: This was nearly identical as day one, but with less corrections made, and more focus on strong spirited continuance. The typical 'unstated command' via Japanese telepathy... Don't think, just do, and you will eventually 'understand'.

Kata: Once again Meikyo-nidan and Kibaken-shodan were practiced over, and over again. But we also went one time through the five Heian kata (Asai Sensei style), Joko-nisei, Seiryu and Hachimon.

Kumite: Same as yesterday, but subtlety 'breaking the line' before blitzing the opponent with your flurry of attacks. As with the kihon and kata, if you want more details, please refer to the previous day's post:

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