Monday 31 January 2011

Three more kumite videos on Youtube

Continuing from my last post, which featured five video clips of kumite, here are three more videos from further back in the 90’s. This time, they are all hangeki (counterattacks). Each is slightly different, but worthy of some study. Here is some commentary for each of them.

Clip One: In this footage I defeat Gary White Sensei (5th Dan) of JKF Goju Kai with a decisive ippon. Gary charges in attacking with a blitz of hand combinations. In this case I retreat on the line neutralising his attacks and then subtly use tai-sabaki (body evasion) to break the line to land my counterpunch. This is an excellent example of an ippon with kizami-zuki.
Clip Two: Here I am up against Myles of O'Donnell Sensei, another JKF Goju-Kai karateka and international kumite competitor. Shikake (“Set-up”): The technique in the clip is a reactive counterattack, set up via my kamae (en guard position) and ashi-hakobi (footwork). Myles was the favourite to win the competition, however this ippon with gyaku-zuki wrapped up our sanbon match with the final score being 6-0.
Clip Three: This video is a great example of dealing with an extremely aggressive opponent. In this case I am fighting Jason Moir of Goju-ryu. As he 'stream rolls' in I move out of distance, then counterattack just at the right moment to snatch the ippon and win. Too early is dangerous, and too late allows the opponent to continue attacking. This strategy requires that you properly utilize ma'ai and timing. Good ma'ai is best defined as "the optimal distancing for yourself and the most disadvantageous for your opponent".

For those of you who haven’t seen the last five kumite videos here’s a quick link: For other videos please visit my youtube channel:
"KARATEDO NI SENTE NASHI". Funakoshi Gichin Sensei

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