Saturday 6 August 2011

Updated training regime

Here's the latest training regime. My schedule has been utterly hectic recently, but nevertheless, I've made some major breakthroughs. As Asai Sensei always elucidated "Step-by-step". Karate is truly an endless journey, so you have to make the most of travelling part. Osu!


Kihon: (1) Chudan oi-zuki; (2) Chudan gyaku-zuki; (3) Age-uke; (4) Age-uke kara gyaku-zuki; (5) Soto-uke; (6) Soto-uke kara yori-ashi empi, uraken soshite gyaku-zuki; (7) Uchi-uke; (8) Uchi-uke kara kizami-zuki soshite gyaku-zuki; (9) Gedan-barai; (10) Gedan-barai kara gyaku-zuki; (11) Shuto-uke; (12) Shuto-uke kara nukite; (13) Mae-geri; (14) Mawashi-geri; (15) Ren-geri: Mae-geri kara mawashi-geri; (16) Yoko-keage; (17) Yoko-kekomi; & (18) Ushiro-geri. {Special emphasis on `strong weapon-soft limbs' and 'leading with the hips'}.

Kumite: Variations of sambon, kihon-ippon & jiyu-ippon kumite (with application of the Junro kata: tai sabaki "seamlessly combined" with linear and rotational counterattacks).

Kata: Heian, Junro, Tekki & Unsu with special focus as per kihon & kumite.

© André Bertel (2011) Christchurch, New Zealand.

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