Tuesday 22 November 2011

We never stop learning

Practice, practice & more practice! Here's my updated training regime. Shodan-shinsa no tame no kihon: (1) Sanbon-zuki; (2) Jodan age-uke kara chudan mae-geri soshite chudan gyaku-zuki; (4) Chudan soto-uke kara yori-ashi (kiba-dachi) chudan yoko empi uchi, uraken yokomawashi-uchi soshite chudan gyaku-zuki; (5) Chudan shuto-uke (kokutsu-dachi) kara kizami mae-geri soshite shihon nukite; (6) Chudan uchi-uke kara jodan kizami-zuki soshite chudan gyaku-zuki; (7) Mae-geri kara mawashi-geri; (8) Mae-geri kara yoko-kekomi (same leg); (9) Yoko-keage ashi o kaete yoko-kekomi (kiba-dachi); (10) Mawashi-geri; (11) Ushiro-geri; & (12) Shuto yokomawashi-uchi.

(a ) Empi; (b) Hangetsu; (c) Unsu; & (d) A random Asai-ha Shotokan-ryu koten-gata dependent on my daily technical focus.

( i) Kihon ippon kumite: Asai-ha Shotokan-ryu 14 core waza (jodan, chudan & mae-geri); & (ii) Jiyu kumite no uchikomi renshu.

In addition to the usual calistenics and impact work I've also started to do a little running again. On the weekend I went for a decent 8km run. My lungs and heart handled it easily, but the run definitely fatigued my legs (as my quads and hams were already very tired from all of my karate training). As you may know I am a very big believer in jumping exercises such as plyometrics, however I try to keep my programme varied to achieve the best results. Regardless of what one does, occassionally mixing things up is very important. We never stop learning if we "keep practicing and training"!

© André Bertel. Christchurch, New Zealand 2011.

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