Thursday, 11 July 2013

Present training regime

The karatedo—university connection: Karate-wise I am now lifting up my training after completing my degree at the University of Canterbury. Wrapping my degree with top grades—all A+’s—can be attributed to the discipline of karatedo and great lecturers; in particular Dr David Small.

Free from academia: Now, finally free from study, here is my current training regime, which I failed to upload since I started it a while back (due to my academic workload). Karate continued during this busy time, but my posts lessoned and admittedly thinned out. Needless to say, the grades were worth it and, as always, since I started this webpage, training always takes priority over blogging. I sincerely hope this post finds you happy and healthy. Osu, André
PS – For those of you who haven’t booked my seminar is on the 27th and 28th of July. It is an open course. Here is the link: To book please email me at:

Kihon –
1. Jodan kizami-zuki kara sanbon-zuki (zenkutsu-dachi); 2. Ippo sagatte jodan age-uke kara mawashi-geri, yoko uraken-uchi soshite chudan oi-zuki (zenkutsu-dachi); 3. Gedan juji-uke (zenkutsu-dachi); 4. Chudan morote-uke (zenkutsu-dachi); 5. Chudan morote-uke (kokutsu-dachi); 6. Gedan-barai doji ni sokumen jodan uchi-uke (kokutsu-dachi); 7. Chudan shuto-uke (kokutsu-dachi) kara nukite (zenkutsu-dachi); 8. Chudan uchi-uke (kokutsu-dachi) kara kizami-zuki soshite gyaku-zuki (zenkutsu-dachi); 9. Yoko-keage doji ni yoko uraken–uchi soshite empi-uchi (zenkutsu-dachi); 10. Sonoba ren-geri: mae-geri kara yoko-kekomi soshite ushiro-geri.

Kata –
Revision of the five Heian kata and Tekki-shodan; also two jiyu-gata.

Kumite –
Revision of jiyu-ippon kumite and continued practice of uchikomi.

* Reps of kihon, kata and kumite depend on my emphasis each day within this schedule.

© André Bertel. Christchurch, New Zealand (2013).

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