Saturday 6 July 2013

Sixth Anniversary of this site

June 20th marked the sixth anniversary since I started this blog.
The blog has outlined my daily efforts to one day have good karate, a goal that I hope to get closer to each day. Irrespective of achieving this aim, I will continue trying my best; moreover, developing as a human being. I think "this is Karate-Do".
I wish everyone the very best in their training, good health and happiness. Osu, André
PS - By the way, do check out the Japan Karate Association of Christchurch webpage for the recent training under JKANZ Chief Instructor Zel Sensei. It was wonderful to have Zel Sensei here for the development of JKA Shotokan in Christchurch and the South Island:
  © André Bertel. Christchurch, New Zealand (2013).

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