Sunday, 16 March 2014

Special Karate-Do training in Kumamoto-Shi

Jiyu kumite with Morooka San.
Here are some stills from the special tournament training in Kumamoto Shi this weekend. The class, brilliantly led by Nakamura Akiyoshi Sensei, included the JKA kyu-shinsa kihon (brown and black belts did the 3rd Kyu syllabus); stationary practice of choku-zuki, gyaku-zuki and mae-geri; jiyu-ippon kumite; `round robin' jiyu-kumite; and kata (the shitei-gata and tokui-gata).

Morooka San I went through all the shitei-gata via practice matches. We were then asked by Akiyoshi Sensei to do our tokui-gata... Morooka San performed Sochin, and I selected Nijushiho. The black belt juniors all performed either Kanku Dai or Jion, which was great to watch; moreover, to advise them on their kata performances and kumite.

Overall, the class was an excellent session of "budo karate in the JKA-tournament context."

© André Bertel. Aso-shi, Kumamoto. Japan (2014)

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