Sunday, 12 February 2017

抜塞大 & 慈恩

Movement one of Bassai Dai: Sasho soede migi chudan uchi-uke (migi ashi mae kosa-dachi).
Today included an excellent practice with Morooka Takafumi San (JKA 4th Dan). For two hours we worked on two of the Sentei-gata: BASSAI DAI and JION. The point of the training was to strip back another layer of these kata; in particular, via kihon, to improve application of techniques in Jiyu-kumite/Self-Defence. In sum, each of the sentei-gata are technically challenging (to the maximum). This is because they inherently demand "simplification and effectiveness of kihon". To answer my last post, physically speaking: this is BUDO KARATE.
The completion of movement 25 in Bassai Dai: Migi sokumen jodan uchi-uke doji ni hidari sokumen gedan-uke (Heisoku-dachi)
The opening kamae of Jion kata: Sasho uken shita ago mae (Heisoku-dachi)... A historically important posture.

Movement one of Jion: Migi chudan uchi-uke doji ni hidari gedan-uke (Migi zenkutsu-dachi).

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