Thursday 23 February 2017


One of the biggest factors of success in any field is MOTIVATION. As everyone knows, “motivation is not something that is hard to attain; rather, it is very hard to sustain”. It is this point, SUSTAINED MOTIVATION, which is the base of high-level achievement in any field. However, this foundation is merely the springboard of potentiality; alternatively, the barrier to success if not attained or nurtured.

Without sustained motivation, irrespective of natural ability, one can never reach an elite level in any endeavour; likewise, for those lacking significant natural ability—with sustained motivation—it literally becomes possible to reach the highest of levels. In sum, talent is extremely overrated.

Interestingly and very importantly, sustained motivation is underpinned by one imperative psychological skill… RESILIENCE. If you are—or train yourself to be—a truly resilient human being, you will be in a superior state to achieve your goals. To read more on this topic, click here:; furthermore and better, read this interview with Hanshi Renzie Hanham:  

This was the result of after my final semester at university. Less than top marks was not good enough. I am not bragging nor claiming I`m smart. What I am saying is that with sustained motivation you can literally do anything.

People often ask me, how is that you have practised karate since your early childhood? My karate journey began in my pre-teens, then continued through my teens, 20s, 30s and now, I still practise daily in my 40s. I guess this is also an example of sustained motivation.

These are key points that I constantly emphasise to my students as they never lose their power; moreover, they empower individuals to achieve their goals. All the very best in your endeavours:whatever they may be. Osu, André Bertel.

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