Sunday 27 October 2019

2020 Deutschland Seminar Announcements

I will be again conducting two International Budo Karate Seminars in Deutschland next year. 

The first will be in April in the South (Seehausen, Bavaria). Direct link:

The second will be in the eastern side of the country (Freital, Saxony), which will be held in September. Direct link: 

These two technical seminars, while related, will involve different content. As always my objective is to share a wide range of knowledge, however, this early establishment of two seminars in Germany provides a platform to do this with greater effectiveness. For those wishing to attend I thoroughly recommend getting in early. See you next year in Deutschland!

Osu and greetings from Oita City, Japan.

 © André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2019).

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