Sunday 27 December 2020


 The footage in this video is from today (YouTube link at the bottom of this post). In it I'm training at 黄牛の滝 (AMEUSHI NO TAKI), a waterfall in Taketa City, about one hours drive from my home. Also, training at my dojo here in central Oita City.

My reason for training at this waterfall was to train on very slippery rocks and uneven surfaces... Ameushi no taki certainly fulfilled these criteria! This type of practice is something I have done ever since I first worked in the security industry (and continued since I left it), as I found that having the ability to be effective in any environment is very important.

In addition to the extremely slippery and rough surfaces to practice on, it was very cold. Not only from the chilly winter air but also from being constantly splashed by the freezing water. It was a challenge to move 'softly and smoothly'; hence, the videos title 'Be like water'.

Beyond this (and very obviously), the power of nature is always wonderful for teaching us our insignificance; furthermore, challenges us 'to expand our energy'. In sum, nature not only keeps things in perspective but, I believe, can also improve our karate skill: especially in regards to 'power generation from natural energy'.

Accordingly, even when the body condition and environment makes it difficult: "we should still always aim to 'move like water'. Osu!!

Lastly. I'd like to dedicate this video is dedicated to Anan Susumu San who recommended Ameushi no taki for my karate practice a few days ago. ありがとうございます阿南さん!

© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2020).

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