Monday 14 December 2020


 I’ve alerted people to this channel in the past and I will do again today. This is the YouTube channel of Oliver Schomburg Sensei (3rd Dan). He recently released a new video. This latest footage outlines my ‘practice philosophy, which underpins all of my training. This has been 'my way' for over ten years now and it permits 'freedom of development'; furthermore, 'optimal excellence' as one can simply focus on getting better without 'emotional demotivation' nor the downs of 'over competitiveness'. If you truly follow the advice on this video, and access top level training with honest self-evaluation, you will go far in karate (actually anything, for that matter).


There are, of course, lots of other very high-quality videos on his channel. Here is a direct link to it. Check it out!


As always, thank you very much Oliver, OSU!!!

© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2020).

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