Wednesday 3 February 2021


Today I will make a post with just images from my self-training. The first is KANKU DAI KATA, the second is KIHON (SONKYO MAE-GERI), the third is KIBAKEN KATA, and the fourth is the entrance to where I practiced.

 I hope this finds everyone, who reads this, in good health and spirits. My objective is to send positive energy and to motivate. ENTHUSIASM is one of the greatest human traits. However, it is not just automatic. It takes work! Of course, work is hard, but brings great benefits when accompanied by perseverance. Indeed, OSU NO SEISHIN is ‘the spirit of perseverance’ so all karateka must seek these aspects. This is SHIN-GI-TAI.

You can do anything if you follow these points and stick to them. The challenge is in making these words a 'consistent reality'. GO FOR IT!


Just to update, a new video will hopefully be uploaded soon. Until then, a big “OSU” and positive energy from Japan. – André.



 © André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2021).

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