Tuesday 2 April 2024

Renshusei from Switzerland: Christa Lehmann (4th Dan)

 Christa Lehmann (4th Dan), from Switzerland, once again returned to Oita for private training. Of course, it was not only great to have her here in the dojo, but also to catch up. 

This time her first request was to work on 鉄騎三段 Tekki Sandan Kata. Other kata covered included some key points from: 平安初段Heian Shodan, 鉄騎二段 Tekki Nidan, 燕飛 Enpi, and 五十四歩小 Gojushiho Sho (amongst others).


Christa also requested to go through core kihon. So, I concentrated on: 1. Sanchin-dachi; 2. the transition from Fudo-dachi (outward tension) to Sanchin-dachi (inward tenshin)—using the opening sequences of 舞鶴大型  (Maizuru Dai Kata) as a case study; 3. The foundational ido-kihon focusing on propulsion, hips action, transitions and positioning.


For 組手 (Kumite) practice I had her work on a handful attacks and counterattacks. These were attacks with: a. 中段逆突き (Chudan gyaku-zuki); b. 上段追い突き/上段順突き (Jodan oi-zuki/Jodan jun-zuki). And counterattacks―utilizing ‘Deai’—with: c. 上段流し突き (Jodan nagashi-zuki); and d. 中段前り(Chudan mae-geri). Exact impact distance for her waza was a prime aim.


To conclude, the aforementioned notes, presented here, are for Christa to recapitulate any of the aspects covered. Overall, it was great to have her as a Renshusei here again, and to see her on-going karate development.


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